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Leah Scheier

Young Adult, Sourcebooks, 2015

YOUR VOICE IS ALL I HEAR is a contemporary issue YA romance and coming-of-age novel about the difficult choices we sometimes have to make for love.

When April's best friend transfers to another high school, April settles in for what looks like the worst year of her life. But as soon as Jonah Golden walks into class on the first day of school and chooses to sit next to her and not next to the most popular girl in school, April allows herself to believe that this year just might be different. Jonah is an artist, cute and mysterious. April can't help but be drawn to him, and he looks to her and her musical talent to rescue him from the loneliness of a new city and an unfamiliar school.

But Jonah and his mom and sister are trying to escape a traumatic event that still haunts them. As Jonah struggles emotionally, April tries to hold on to her first real romantic relationship. After Jonah physically threatens April, he is committed to a psychiatric hospital, where he is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

But April won't give up on him. To counter the taunting she endures at school, and with the help of her eccentric history teacher, she crafts an experiment to help her classmates understand Jonah's illness. April is loyal to Jonah and visits the psychiatric ward daily, but ultimately she must face the hardest choice of all -- sticking with the boy she loves or letting him go so both of them can heal



Rights Sold:

Hungary, Gabo Kiado; World English, Sourcebooks Fire


“Compellingly written, this heartwrenching tale is inhabited by complex, fully realized characters and will appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen. While Scheier offers no easy answers, she does give the best gift—hope. An affecting, well-crafted story that will stay with readers long after the final page.” – Booklist (STARRED review)

"A story of the human heart and the tortured mind. Jonah's plight will touch your soul."  – Tabitha Suzuma, author of FORBIDDEN

“[A]n intense portrait of the unpredictability of schizophrenia and the toll it takes on those close to those who have it.” – Publisher's Weekly

"YOUR VOICE IS ALL I HEAR is a startling story about, first love, mental illness and discovering who you are.... Fans of Rainbow Rowell and ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES by Jennifer Niven, will fall head over heels in love with this story." – Dark Readers

"This is a raw and emotional story about the impact of mental illness, schizophrenia, and the fear and stigma which surround it. Powerful struggles which affect teens daily, such as bullying, homophobia, and suicide, are also touched upon with skill and realism.  Readers are carried on an emotional roller coaster, which is often thrilling and beautiful, yet heart-wrenching too. The writing is well researched, convincing, and poetic.  It sheds light and creates awareness.  Important subjects are beautifully handled." – Ava Ehde, VOYA Magazine.

"YOUR VOICE IS ALL I HEAR by Leah Scheier combines aspects from the works of Sarah Dessen, John Green and David Levithan, presenting a seemingly-typical high school romance with a harrowing twist that leaves readers wondering what love should really be about…Scheier writes the characters flawlessly and executes the plot well, including foreshadowing in the beginning and flashbacks throughout that make it all the more suspenseful." – Teenreads


From the reviews for SECRET LETTERS:

“With secret codes, illicit love affairs, disguises, deception, and murder – not to mention an intriguing leading man and feisty, smart heroine – what's not to love?” – Booklist

“Well-paced and filled with cliff-hanger chapter endings, Scheier's first filled with aspects of criminology-code breaking, secret messages, disguises, trysts, kidnapping, and, of course, murder-that are sure to excite CSI fans. This novel, part-romance and part-detective story, begs for a sequel.” – School Library Journal (STARRED review)

“Amidst twisting plots, multiple mysteries, and a budding romance, Dora and Peter work together to solve a mystery of a kidnapped engaging read that holds the reader's attention throughout.. the setting in Victorian London with references to Sherlock Holmes could attract more than just the usual mystery readers.” – VOYA

“In a mystery with twists, the threat of danger, and a dramatic resolution, debut author Scheier offers a tenacious heroine determined to rise above the restrictions of her gender to claim her legacy. Upbeat, witty prose results in a fun beginning to what looks like the first of more adventures for this young pair of investigators.” – Publisher's Weekly

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