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Yonatan Sagiv

Fiction, 2014

Oded Hefer is doomed. Recently fired from a lousy job as a fact checker for a TV series, he is moneyless, jobless and boyfriendless. His only option is to leave Tel Aviv and move in with his parents in the suburbs. When a friend makes him an unexpected offer to help out Mira Tamir, the sister of one of Israel's richest businesswomen, Hefer dives in. But he soon realizes that things are more complicated than he thought, and that he is investigating a possible murder: Smadar Tamir's mysterious fall from the window of her hospital room.  From housekeepers to ex-lovers, everyone is a suspect. Hefer has only five days and no qualifications to solve the case. Five days, armed only with wit and sarcasm, to scheme his way into the lives of Israel's rich and famous and maybe find love in the arms of a tough police detective. A clever, richly entertaining, often hilarious debut novel, Yonatan Sagiv's NO SECRET’S SAFE WITH ME is a playful but sophisticated take on both the detective genre and the gay protagonist. The first in a series, Hefer is bound to become the world's most tactless and cheaply dressed detective.


Rights Sold:

Germany: Kein & Aber; France: Editions de L’Antilope; Israel: Keter


“It seems that nothing could have prepared popular Israeli literature for the character of Oded Hefer…Sagiv gracefully and audaciously subverts previous literary traditions… The book is driven by a delightful lack of political correctness… Invoking the homophobic discourse thrown at him, Hefer embraces it as an instrument of power, along with its rhetorical twins – chauvinistic and misogynistic humor… The novel succeeds in holding our interest with the originality of its amusing, no-holds-barred language, and the exceptional detective who animates it.” – Omri Herzog, Haaretz

“Sagiv has written a compelling, funny and very enjoyable first novel. I loved it!” – Adi Shtamberger, The Jerusalem Post Lite

 “No Secret’s Safe With Me, Sagiv’s hilarious debut novel, scales quite a few heights…There’s something refreshing about the way in which Sagiv – an Agnon scholar with a doctorate in literature – kicks the butt of the Hebrew literary tradition.” – Shay Zamir, Yediot Acharonot

 “A remarkably amusing debut novel… Sagiv impessively converts the colorful gay slang of Tel Aviv into a true literary language” – Ran Bin-Nun, Yediot Acharonot

 “What a delightful book… This is a wild detective novel, funny and uninhibited, featuring a fluidity of gender identities and sharply-honed prose. Yonatan Sagiv, well done, what a wonderful first book.” – Anat Bar-Lev  Efrati, La’Isha

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