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Andy Harkness

Picture Book, Bloomsbury, 2021

Finalist for the Waterstone's Book Prize

Wolfboy is hungry! (Not to mention fussy and growly.) And he's on a mission to find rabbits. But as Wolfboy stomps through the woods, the rabbits are nowhere to be found. What will Wolfboy do if he can't find rabbits? And what will happen to the rabbits if he does? With beautiful illustrations and plenty of sound effects, WOLFBOY perfectly captures the feeling of being hangry, in this picture book that's sure to appeal to children and parents alike.

Rights Sold:

The Netherlands: Condor; World (excl. The Netherlands): Bloomsbury Children


"A hungry Wolfboy hunts rabbits in this visually arresting picture book. Harkness’ note on the copyright page explains that the illustrations in the picture book began as pencil sketches to establish composition, and then he modeled the settings and characters from clay and photographed the scenes. The result is an aesthetic that sets this book apart from others in its achievement of a layered, cinematic feel.... Throughout, artful, expressive typography contributes to the overall success of the picture book, guiding the reader’s voice to deliver a dynamic read-aloud that matches the visual drama of the art. A read-aloud treat for hungry audiences." - KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW 

“The moon was full,” writes Harkness (Bug Zoo). The moon also looks like it’s slathered in cream cheese icing—one of the many visual delights in this book created entirely from images of dimensionally modeled clay... Turns out they’re actually good buddies who are used to Wolfboy’s hangry moods. It may be a shaggy-dog story, but the anticlimactic ending doesn’t disappoint—readers will feel like they have a front-row seat to a marvelously imagined and sculpted toy theater." - PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

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