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Levi Yannets_Uncle Leo Vol 6_heb cover.jpg


Yannets Levi

Middle Grade, 2014


Andy is worried that no one, not even his parents, are paying him enough attention and no one wants to hear what he has to say. Only Uncle Leo and his fantastical but meaningful stories can help Andy believe in himself.


Uncle Leo is no ordinary uncle, he is one-of-a-kind: an adventurer, a traveller and a magician all rolled into one. Join him as he tells Andy, his older brother and their baby sister all about his adventures in the Tibetan ocean: from being swallowed by a giant sea monster to becoming the King of Smell in the stinky city of Smellorama; from becoming a literal know-it-all when putting on the magical glasses on the Codata Island to visiting his late parents in the Land of the Dead and getting their blessing for future adventures.

Funny, endearing and accompanied by lively and colourful illustrations, this fifth book in the Uncle Leo's Adventures series – that sold more than a million copies in Israel – brings to life the magic of storytelling.


Rights sold:

China: FLTRP; Russian: Knizhniki; Turkey: SolaUnitas

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