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Levi Yannets_Uncle Leo Vol 5_eng cover.jpg


Yannets Levi

Middle Grade, 2012


“Uncle Leo,” I said, “are your clothes new or do you also get hand-me-downs?”
“I bought my suspenders and shirt two years ago, but these pants are more than two hundred years old.”
“How can those pants be more than two hundred years old?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you all about it,” said Uncle Leo.


Uncle Leo is no ordinary uncle, he is one-of-a-kind: an adventurer, a traveller and a magician all rolled into one. Join him as he tells Andy and his brother Graham all about his adventures in the Sahara forests: from being cursed to sleep for two hundred years to living with the giant Imama birds and learning to fly; from meeting the highly advanced Robotov-48, foreman of the robot factory, to travelling to the land of Fastonia where people live their entire lives in only one day!

Funny, endearing and accompanied by lively and colourful illustrations, this fifth book in the Uncle Leo's Adventures series – that sold more than a million copies in Israel – brings to life the magic of storytelling.


Rights sold:

China: FLTRP; Czech Republic: Prah; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan: Rupa; Russian: Knizhniki; Turkey: SolaUnitas

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