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Levi Yannets_Uncle Leo Vol 2_eng cover.jpg


Yannets Levi

Middle Grade, 2009


“Have I ever told you about the time I met the giant who couldn't stop crying?”

“No, you never told us about that,” I said.

“Then I'll tell you now,” said Uncle Leo, and so he began.


Uncle Leo is no ordinary uncle, he is one-of-a-kind: an adventurer, a traveller and a magician all rolled into one. In this second instalment of his wonderful adventures, Uncle Leo tells Andy all about his time in the Siberian jungles from digging a tunnel to the other side of the world for the queen of Decria to meeting the giant who couldn't stop crying; from battling his own reflection in a magic mirror to travelling to Lafterovnik, where people cry when they're happy.


Funny, endearing and accompanied by lively and colourful illustrations, this second book in the Uncle Leo's Adventures series – that sold more than a million copies in Israel – brings to life the magic of storytelling.


Rights sold:

Arabic: Zmora Bitan, China: FLTRP; Czech Republic: Prah; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan: Rupa; Macedonia: Toper Dooel; Russian: Knizhniki; Turkey: SolaUnitas


"The most adorable Uncle Leo is back… all his adventures promote values of gumption and fortitude of the antihero, the common survivor in an arbitrary wonderful world." – Time Out

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