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Levi Yannets_Uncle Leo Vol 1_eng cover.jpg


Yannets Levi

Middle Grade, Kinneret, Zmora, Dvir, 2008


You probably won't believe a word I say but I swear that everything I'm about to tell you really happened. I heard it all with my own ears from Uncle Leo.


Uncle Leo is no ordinary uncle, he is one-of-a-kind: an adventurer, a traveller and a magician all rolled into one. Join him as he tells Andy all about his adventures in the Romanian steppes from being stuck on a cloud while searching for hidden treasure to being turned into a cockroach by an angry sorcerer; from a thrilling encounter with a story-swallowing demon to becoming the court jester in the Kingdom of Upsidown, where everyone walks on their hands.


Funny, endearing and accompanied by lively and colourful illustrations, this first book in the Uncle Leo's Adventures series – that sold more than a million copies in Israel – brings to life the magic of storytelling.


Rights sold:

Arabic: Zmora Bitan, China: FLTRP; Czech Republic: Prah; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan: Rupa; Israel: Kinneret, Zmora, Dvir; Japan: Gaken Publishing House; Macedonia: Toper Dooel; Russian: Knizhniki; Turkey: SolaUnitas


"Uncle Leo fills the missing link between childhood and adulthood; his very existence is a comforting experience… [The book] also deals with the therapeutic power of stories." – Ynet


“A very generous book… the best of classical children’s literature is traced through its layered stories along witty satire that gives it an appeal to children as well as adults. My daughters and I enjoyed it very much.” – Yedioth Aharonoth

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