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Carine Goren

Cookbooks, 2013

This cookbook by best-selling author Carine Goren, Israel’s beloved baking maven and TV personality, is a mouthwatering guide to good old-fashioned baking with a contemporary twist.

Do you miss a good babka? Do you dream of making your own hamentaschen? And did you know that halvah, the popular Middle Eastern candy made from tahini paste, can be easily made at home? TRADITIONAL JEWISH BAKING is your guide to keepsake recipes, with new and simple techniques for mastering old favorites. Carine Goren’s book is an ode to things past and a user-friendly guide to reviving childhood memories with easy, detailed instructions and delectable photos. Based on years of serious and loving research, TRADITIONAL JEWISH BAKING has struck a chord with readers who have found their favorite childhood cakes, cookies and holiday delights hearkening back to Russia, Morocco, and the entire Jewish diaspora.

TRADITIONAL JEWISH BAKING is a Jewish cookbook that is neither just Eastern European nor only Middle Eastern, but instead uniquely spans the rich and varied tradition of Jewish cuisines.  


Rights Sold:

srael, Carine Goren- Dialogue; World English, Page Street Publishing


“This is a highly recommended book, particularly for its exceptional use of professional baking knowledge for home baking.” – Israeli chef Israel Aharoni

“I believe that anyone who receives this book as a holiday gift won’t stop smiling and will be left with a sweet flavor to last for the entire year.” – Saloona 

“TV host and self-taught baker Goren’s first cookbook, Sweet Secrets, sold more than 130,000 copies in Israel. Her fourth cookbook, originally published in 2013 and now translated into English, distills “thousands of grandma’s recipes” into a charming collection of nostalgic desserts. Recipes such as biscuit cake with a strawberry heart, swan cream puffs, gorgeous chocolate-mocha roulade, and super soft hamantaschen have been adapted for modern kitchens and read more classy than kitsch. They’re accompanied by “Grandma Knows Best” sidebars offering technical tips, recipe variations, and friendly commentary. Holiday treats get their own chapter, as do a unique selection of candies and confections.” – Library Journal

“All the recipes are precise, tested and explained in clear terms… All you need is to go into your kitchen, recreate the traditional flavors and come out with results which would impress even your grandmother.” –

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