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David Grossman


For David Grossman, the political is inextricably linked to the private – whether he is considering the German-Israeli relationship, or the consequences of the ongoing violence in the Middle East, or Israel’s situation fifty years after the Six Day War, or the role of literature in a post-factual age. His appeals to freedom and individualism against resignation and defeatism are timeless and relevant.

For more than three decades, Grossman has been wrestling with the trauma of war and issues of peace, jealousy, love and family relationships. In his first novel, See Under: Love, he grappled with the legacy of the Holocaust. In The Yellow Wind, he foretold the explosive first intifada, and in his bestselling To the End of the Land, he hauntingly portrayed a mother’s love and fear for her son in a time of conflict. These eight essays stand alone in their own right, and they are also a valuable complement to his fiction.

Rights Sold:

Germany: Hanser Verlag; France: Editions du Seuil; Holland: Uitgeverij Cossee

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