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Masha Zur Glozman

Yedioth Aharonoth, 2018

For lovers of OUTLANDER and LIFE AFTER LIFE: THE EDGE OF TIME tells the story of Idit and Halimi, an edgy Tel Aviv couple who, in the wake of a marital crisis, move to the small seaside town of Atlit. There, Idit finds an ancient spring near the local ruins of a Crusader fortress and falls back in time, and into the arms of Jean D’Ibelin, a French Crusader knight. The delicate affair that develops between Idit and Jean unfolds in parallel with the story of her relationship with Halimi, and she is forced to deal with the true and deep meaning of the multiplicity of love.


THE EDGE OF TIME is sharp historical fiction blended with a 21st century story about modern love, an unputdownable time-traveling adventure that gets at the heart of infidelity with a connection that spans millennia.


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