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David Grossman

Fiction, 1994

A long train ride from Jerusalem to Haifa turns into a journey of discovery for 13-year-old Amnon “Nono” Feierberg, as he unravels the mystery of his past with the help of the country’s most notorious con artist.

Awards: Premio Grinzane (Torino) and Premio Mondelo (Palermo)



Rights Sold to:

Brazil, Companhia das Letras; China, Yilin Press; Denmark, Forlaget Vandkunsten; France, Editions du  Seuil; Germany, Hanser, Pb Fischer Taschenbuchverlag; Greece, Kastanitois Editions; Holland, Cossee, Pb, Rainbow;  Hungary, Cartaphilus; Israel, HaSifria HaHadasha/HaKibbutz HaMeuchad; Italy, Mondadori; Rumania, Univers; Russia, Text Publishers; Spain, Tusquets; Sweden, Bonnier Alba (reverted); Turkey, Dost; UK, Bloomsbury; USA, Farrar, Straus, Giroux 

Dramatic Rights: Bos Bros Film-TV Productions BV

Theater Rights: Stichting Theater Initiatieven en Produkties (STIP) Holland; Zeven/Inne Gorris, Belgium


“Lighthearted and funny, a book of enormous charm.” – The New York Times

“Grossman’s energetic characterization and abundantly imaginative plotting combine in an engaging and charming tale. He conjures the confusions of both adolescence and adulthood in a way that is sensitive and true.” – The Guardian

“Israeli novelist Grossman's inventive tale is a rollicking delight, combining on-the-road adventure with meaty reflection on what it means to be happy.” – Bill Ott, Booklist