Tom Segev

Nonfiction, 1991

Segev unfolds before us the fascinating, often painful story of Israel’s battle to confront the Holocaust. In lucid prose, he probes the process of creating collective memory and details the Holocaust’s impact on Israel beginning with the first trickle of German Jewish immigrants on the eve of World War II to the response to Auschwitz of Israeli youth today



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France, Lianna Levi; Germany, Rowohlt; Israel, Domino Press; Italy, Mondadori; Japan: Minerva Shobo; Poland, PWN; USA, Hill & Wang


“Impressive ... an original contribution to the literature of the Holocaust.” – The New York Times

”Richly documented and written with great passion.” – Elie Wiesel, Los Angeles Times Book Review

”Superb . . . Throws new light on the central trauma of Israeli society, and the uses and abuses of this trauma for political manipulation. I, for one, learned from this book that, in order to survive, societies must learn not only to remember but also to forget.” – Amos Elon, author of The Israelis: Founders and Sons

“With great sensitivity, [Segev] explores how the collective memory of the Holocaust has shaped Israel’s response to a host of issues....” – Publishers Weekly

“Frank and eye-opening .... A valuable addition.” – The New York Review of Books

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