Batya (Estate) Gur

Fiction, 1988

Michael Ohayon, the Moroccan-born intellectual chief Inspector for the Israeli Police seeks to understand the laws that govern the world he lives and works in. Ohayon solves both the murder and the riddle of the enigmatic self-contained world of the Psychoanalytic Society. 


Winner of Krimi Preis, Germany

Voted one of Ten Best Mysteries of the Year, New York Times Book Review



Rights Sold to:

Denmark, Forum (reverted); France, Fayard; Germany, Goldmann; Greece, Periplous; Holland, Arena; Hungary, Magus Design; Israel, Keter; Italy, Edizioni Nottetempo (reverted); Japan, East Press; Poland, EMG Publishing; Portugal, Relogio d’Agua; Russia, Text Publishers; Spain, Siruela; USA, HarperCollinsDramatic Rights: MME, Germany


“...a subtly provocative procedural mystery ... characters are examined in such depth and detail that the motive eventually uncovered for the murder makes perfect, if perfectly horrid, sense.” – The New York Times Book Review

“...With sly, affectionate humor and acute insight, this is a flawless mystery ... A complex, fully satisfying resolution wraps up this masterful American debut.” – Publishers Weekly

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