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THE MASTER OF OPERATIONS: The Story of Mike Harary

Aaron J. Klein

Nonfiction, 2014

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After years of deliberation, Mike Harary, one of the Mossad’s preeminent commanders,   sheds light on the veiled story of his life. Harary, the man and the legend, shares his formative experiences and reveals an array of episodes, affairs and operations that have never before been made public. Other previously exposed incidents are described from the inside, by the man behind the operations. This type of detailed and revealing narrative has neither precedent nor equal in the Israeli intelligence community.

Bestselling author Aaron J. Klein, himself a former captain in the IDF's intelligence corps, spent years with Harary, carefully unraveling the layers of his stories, which the  Mossad commander often revealed piecemeal. The result of these talks sheds light on events that have been shrouded in darkness for decades.


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Israel, Keter


“The phrases ‘he was a legend in his lifetime’ and ‘if we told you what he did, we would have to kill you’ are clichés, but in Mike Harary’s case, they’re also true.” – Gad Shimron, Ha’aretz

“Rare are the commanders who left a mark which remains evident more than thirty years after they finished their command. Mike is one of those few.” – Tamir Pardo, Head of Mossad

“Mike Harary is one of Israel’s most beautiful and deserving sons, a rock in the bastion of the state and the Jewish people.” – Meir Dagan, Former Head of Mossad 

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