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Yoel Hoffman THE HEART IS KATMANDU cover


Yoel Hoffmann

Fiction, 2000

A love story that resists predictable autobiographical or psychological form. THE HEART IS KATHMANDU is a book about love between Yehoyachim, whose wife left him, and between Batia, who left Robert.


Rights Sold to:

France, Galaade; Israel, Keter; USA, New Directions


“Yoel Hoffmann’s novel is a quintessential love story. Hoffmann’s poetic prose functions like a musical accompaniment to the characters’ discovery of the miraculous in the mundane.” – World Literature Today

“Hoffmann’s stories are to be read very slowly and out loud; the smiles are not long in coming. Afterwards comes the wonder, being charmed, and falling in love.” – Ma’ariv

“I cannot understand people who do not read this book.” – Kol Ha-Ir

“A beautiful, but not naive, expression of the power of love over both the heart and mind.” – Jerusalem Post

“Stunning...dreamlike and precise, [Hoffmann] wrenches your heart.” – The New Leader

“[A]n extraordinary book, beautifully translated by Peter Cole.” – Joan Baum, Hadassah Magazine

“[N]ot just a simple love story. It is also about the beauty of the ordinary and the everyday.”  – Jewish Exponent

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