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Matt Rees

Fiction, 2010

Omar Yussef, the principal of a UN school in a Bethlehem refugee camp, arrives in New York for a U.N. conference. He goes to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge, where his youngest son, Ala, lives among the large Palestinian community there. In Ala’s apartment Omar discovers the dead body of one of the two young men from Bethlehem with whom his son lives. The third roommate has disappeared and Ala is accused of involvement in the death. Omar Yussef sets out to clear his son and to track down the real killer. The investigation takes Omar deep into the Arab communities of Brooklyn, where he uncovers a plot by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to kill the Palestinian Prime Minister at the UN conference Omar is supposed to be attending.

Rights Sold:

UK, Atlantic Books; Brazil, Record Publishing; Germany, Beck Verlag; Indonesia, Diomedia


”Engrossing” – The New York Times

”Intelligent and suspenseful” – The Daily Beast

”Brilliantly conceived and beautifully written.” –

”The Fourth Assassin explores the dilemma of the Palestinian living in the Western world.” – Huffington Post

”The Fourth Assassin begins as a murder mystery but soon evolves into a mystery of culture. There is much to learn here.” – Las Vegas City Life

”High-concept thriller” – Booklist

”A unique mystery series” – The Forward

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