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Yonatan Sagiv

Fiction, 2019

When Israel's PR king hires the services of Oded "Nosy Ass" Hefer to investigate the depression plaguing his client Karin Carmeli, a fifteen-year-old teen star, Oded feels his professional future is secured. For the first time, he will get the chance to prove that he can achieve his dreams. What Oded doesn't know is that his big break is going to jeopardize not only his career, but also his family.

SHE’S A SCREAM, the third book in Yonatan Sagiv's successful and daring series, portrays contemporary Israeli culture as a pluralistic and glamorous celebration which is essentially based on the exclusion of those who are barred entry due to their status or identity.

Rights Sold:

Israel: Keter; Germany: Kein & Aber; France: Editions de la Antilope


“This dive into the world of tycoons offers a biting tale of the Israeli LGBT uni- verse.”- Le Monde

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