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Maya Kessler 

Fiction, Kinneret, 2022

Noa Simon is a gifted filmmaker. Maybe she hasn’t made any actual films yet, but her talent is evident even from a casual wedding video, like the one she screens on the night of her best friend’s wedding. The crowd is wowed, the bride and groom are pleased, the champagne flows, the dancing thunders on into the night. But Noa has impressed two of the guests, entrepreneurs who are looking for their next head of media. 


Noa is flattered, a little tipsy, and extremely taken with the company’s unattractive yet alluring CEO, Teddy Rosenfeld. Their first meeting is charged and sexy. They’re at each other’s throats just as often as they’re in each other’s beds. Suddenly she’s sure he’s the only man strong enough to contain everything that she is. Noa wants to peel away every layer between them until there is nothing that separates Noa from Teddy and Teddy from Noa. 


Theirs is a strange romance. Noa is effusive and obsessed, Teddy is arrogant and stoic. As their lives become interwoven, they both make a mess unearthing harsh truths and family secrets. ROSENFELD is a wild, riveting, and raunchy novel about a relationship built on scorched earth. Kessler spins her tale of obsession and crisis, and delivers a witty and thrilling bestseller that has no equal in Israeli literature.

Rights Sold:

US: Avid Reader/Simon & Schuster; Germany: Gutkind/Bonniers; Holland: Meridian; UK: Brazen Books / Hachette



“Maya Kessler’s debut novel Rosenfeld is a sexy, funny, and obsessive love story that breaks all conventions: both in literature and in love affairs.” Haaretz


“A masterpiece in every aspect.” Panas Magazine


"Kessler’s Rosenfeld is highly intelligent but more importantly, it’s hilarious.” Calcalist

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