Batya (Estate) Gur

Nonfiction, 2000

This is Batya Gur’s personal observations of the small introverted town that, following the Six-Day War, into a megalomaniacal, pseudo-glorified metropolis. She details the price of this transfiguration with all its economic, political and social tensions. The book questions the possibility of living a normal life in Jerusalem and illuminates the mythologies permeating religious and secular life on both sides of the city.



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France, Gallimard; Germany, Schoffling


“In her beautiful autobiographical essay articulated around a town that is holy to three (religions) but never placid, Batya Gur cites the Arab geographer Al-Muqaddasi: ‘Jerusalem is a golden cup crawling with scorpions.’” – Le Monde des Livres

“Batya Gur offers a suspenseful insight into the world views and positions of Israel’s intellectuals. To Live in Jerusalem is definitely worthwhile reading, with plenty to think about.” – Die Zeit

“Without revisiting the political justifications of one side or the other, the author tackles the current question of Jerusalem in a passionate essay. Batya Gur draws a contrasting and animated portrait of Jerusalem….A text so full of humanity that it makes one forget the cries of hatred.” – Lire

“Whoever permits himself to be guided by Batya Gur is certain to get to know the land and the people with the kind of depth available, perhaps, only to travelers in earlier, more leisurely times.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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