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Pnina Moed Kass REAL TIME cover 1.jpg


Pnina Kass

Young Adult, 2004

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On a dusty road on the outskirts of Jerusalem, a bus suddenly explodes in a hail of fire, flesh and metal. This act of violence triggers both physical and emotional upheaval in the lives of people it touches from the victims to the suicide bombers and their families. Pnina Kass delivers an even-handed and sobering portrayal of the complex world her characters inhabit. Frighteningly real, this novel could be the back story behind tomorrow’s news.


Rights Sold:

France, Editions Milan; Germany, Berlin Verlag; Italy, Feltrinelli; USA, Clarion


“[A] riveting mix of real-world terrorism with mostly deep and sometimes tender characterization. Kass is spot-on” – Kirkus Reviews

”The reading experience is immediate and the characters are deeply developed and painfully sympathetic as they find that they are inextricably and unexpectedly connected to one another” – School Library Journal

"Tense, terrifying...stories draw readers in...unforgettable is the grief and the chaos of the bombing and its aftermath." – BOOKLIST Booklist, ALA

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