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Yannets Levi

Middle Grade, Kinneret, Zmora, Dvir, 2021


On the 2022 ‘Top 10 bestselling Israeli books’ list


Princess Joyce has a perfect life: wonderful parents, huge palace, all the toys in the world, the cutest of dogs – a true fairy tale. Problem is, fairy tales might be lovely at the beginning, but then things usually go wrong.


When Joyce’s mother, the queen, passes away, the sad king refuses to get out of bed. A mysterious stranger, Mr. Tycoonovski, arrives to the kingdom promising to alleviate everyone’s pain. Only he ends up stealing all the feelings from the kingdom – and then dares to sell those same feelings back to the residents who develop an addiction to canned emotions. Brave Princess Joyce and her faithful dog Soul will do everything to stop Tycoonovski, restore the emotional balance in the kingdom and save Joyce's father.


Written with true wisdom and sensitivity, Princess Joyce and the Factory of Emotions conveys to young readers the power of emotions – all of them, even the scary and the uncomfortable ones. Together with the inspiring female protagonist the children will learn to accept and respect all their feelings. After all, it is our ability to contain everything from anger and sorrow to joy and love that makes us human.

Rights Sold:

Israel: Kinneret, Zmora, Dvir


"Levi, the rock star of Israeli children’s literature, is back with an allegory of a world in need of constant stimulation. The Emperor's New Clothes for modern times." – Ynet

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