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Amir Gutfreund

Fiction, 2000

This stirring novel offers a view into the lives of a group of Holocaust survivors who all live on one street in a suburb of Haifa. A conspiracy of silence, imposed by the patriarch of this assemblage, keeps two children, a boy and a girl, from discovering what really happened “over there.” But their efforts to uncover the mystery of the past have unexpected consequences.


Rights Sold to:

Czech Republic, Garamond; France, Gallimard; Germany, Berlin Verlag; Holland, Rothschild & Bach; Hungary, Europa; Israel, Kinneret, Zmora Bitan; Spain, El Anden (reverted); World English language rights: Amazon US 


“Amir Gutfreund has written a wonderful book. He has a keen eye for observation, elegance of language and a captivating sense of humor. I can’t wait for his next book!” – Meir Shalev

“[A] remarkable book ... an impressive achievement as a literary creation… well as psychological and social insights, black humor and a rare ability to tell a story. I read this book in one sitting; it opened new windows to me, in which familiar landscapes were drawn by an artist’s hand.” – Ha’aretz Book Review Supplement

“Beautifully communicative...sensitive to the Yiddish language (as with Grossman)... Gutfreund breaks through the barriers of conventional plot, uses the treasures of Jewish languages and medieval literature, and dares to touch upon big issues. He writes from the depths, yet it is intellectual writing, which offers ways to examine reality in a way only artistic fiction may present.” – Eretz Aheret Magazine

“Our Holocaust is the opposite of historical remembrance or national mourning. Gutfreund writes with humor and respect as well as sensitivity and fascination for the absurd, expressive detail evident in every sentence.” – Neue Zuricher Zeitung

“Gutfreund relates the difficult relations between Holocaust survivors and those born subsequently to the Holocaust with an unusual feel for detail, intelligent humor and stylistic brilliance.” – Literatur-Report

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