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Susan Lynn Meyer, Jaya Mehta

Picture book, Beaming Books, 2024

Wide like an elephant and tall like a camel. That would be the perfect Christmas tree.

When Nisha and her father set out to pick out a Christmas tree, she wants a big tree, but her Baba wants a small one. Nisha tries to persuade Baba they need a big tree to fit the new ornaments from India. She'll even help pull the wagon! But Baba still insists on a small tree. So when Baba and Nisha surprisingly agree on the same tree, she suddenly isn't sure about it. Is the tree they both like big or small? In the end, the tree is the perfect size--for the ornaments, for their apartment, and for sharing Christmas cookies and silvery burfi.

For families who might feud around the holidays, NISHA'S JUST-RIGHT CHRISTMAS TREE captures a familiar Christmas tradition through charming text and illustrations. Based on a true story from author Jaya Mehta's childhood, the book beautifully demonstrates a blend of cultures between Nisha's father, who is Hindu, and her mother, who is Christian, as they celebrate Christmas together in their Brooklyn Heights apartment. Backmatter shares more about blending cultures, including examples from both authors' lives.

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World: Beaming Books

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