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A New Science That Will Revolutionize How We Keep Our Brains Healthy and Young

Michal Schwartz

Nonfiction, 2015

Imagine being able to inhibit or reverse a universal affliction – brain degeneration – as well as specific diseases or physical injuries that cause its sudden onset. This is what Professor Michal Schwartz has spent the last two decades studying, with revolutionary results. As the world pioneer of “Protective Autoimmunity,” she is leading the search for new therapeutic strategies, harnessing or modulating immune cells to fight ageing and acute and chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

NEUROIMMUNITY gives the general reader a fascinating and informative view of the immune system as a crucial control of our brain functions, including cognition in general as well as stress, depression, brain ageing, neurological disorders, and responses to physical trauma.

“The brain is always going out of balance, whether due to positive activities or due to mini-traumas and stress, yet most of us regain equilibrium quite quickly....[S]omething must be working to restore the balance in our brains. And that something is the immune system.....When it is not functioning properly, we are more susceptible to post-trauma and degenerative diseases. Boosting the immune system, then, should be able to protect the brain from anxiety, depression and degeneration.”

Professor Schwartz’ discoveries about the immunology of the central nervous system offer great promise for a more effective treatment of disorders such as paralysis, depression, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s disease. 



Rights Sold to:

Czech Republic: Albatros; Japan: Hayakawa; Poland: Wydawnictwo Charaktery, Romania: Lifestyle; USA: Yale University Press


“Professor Schwartz and her lab have addressed the relationship between the nervous and immune systems in a novel way, providing significant new insights and perspectives in neuroimmunology.” –Pablo Villoslada, IDIBAPS and UCSF

“Dr. Schwartz has written a compelling book focusing on her research into the immune-brain connection. She has made quantum leaps in many different fields of medicine.” – C. Jane Welsh, Texas A&M University

“This book gives us the opportunity to follow Michal Schwartz on her exciting scientific journey: fifteen years of groundbreaking experimental studies, always from the perspective of how her findings might be used in human disease.” – From the Foreword by Olle Lindvall, M.D., Ph.D., Lund University

“Michal Schwartz boldly and lucidly describes the interactions of the immune system and the brain. A leader in the fields of neurobiology and immunology, Schwartz describes the foundations of how these systems work together to prevent damage. When the systems fail to cooperate we learn about clues that may lead to treatments for terrible diseases like Alzheimer’s dementia, motor neuron disease and Parkinson’s Disease.” – Larry Steinman, Stanford University

“Quoting Primo Levi, we could say that this book takes us one step closer to ‘the most evanescent and desirous aspiration of a human being, which is that of the human mind that understands itself’.” –Gianvito Martino, San Raffaele Institute

 “Michal Schwartz is a scientific leader who was unafraid to challenge prevailing views. Her book brings to light an important and fascinating area of biology with major relevance to so many human diseases in an interesting and fascinating story.” – Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, University of Manchester

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