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Batya Gur MURDER DUET cover 2.jpg

MURDER DUET: A Musical Case

Batya (Estate) Gur

Fiction, 1999

The fourth of the Michael Ohayon mysteries is set in the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, as Ohayon investigates the murder of a member of the famous musical family, the Van Geldrens. Complicating his investigation is Ohayon’s personal involvement with the victim’s cellist sister. 


Rights Sold:

France, Fayard; Germany, Goldmann; Holland, Arena (reverted); Israel, Keter; Italy, Piemme (reverted); Spain, Siruela; USA, HarperCollins

Dramatic Rights: Kaleo Films Paris

Dramatic Rights: MME, Germany


“In each of Batya Gur’s three previous novels, her cerebral Israeli policeman, Michael Ohayon had to master some esoteric literary theory, interpret multiple systems of clinical psychology... before he could solve his criminal case. Murder Duet continues in this civilized matter by letting us share Ohayon’s immersion in the excitable subculture of classical music...” – New York Times

“Batya Gur’s new book is a luxurious mystery for aficionados murder, classical music and psychological motivation.” – USA TODAY

“Numerous crime novelists have used classical music as a theme, but Gur has managed more effectively than any other to integrate musical matters into the fabric of the story… the "music-saturated air" informs the novel's substance as powerfully as it does its atmosphere. A virtuoso performance.” – Booklist

“Murder Duet is very exciting, the characters are well developed, the plot is ingenious and the book gives us a lot of information.” – NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands)

“A very surprising and exciting psycho-thriller” – Het Volk (Netherlands)

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