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Sarah Allen

Middle Grade, FSG, 2024

Something evil is growing in this spine-tingling middle grade novel about a boy who must protect his neighborhood from a malevolent monster tree while dealing with the recent loss of his father.

Linus used to be an artist, like his dad. Then his father died and Linus’s mom moved them to the other side of the city, hoping for a fresh start. Maybe, for the first time in months, Linus will even draw again.

But there’s something unusual about their neighbor Maude and something wrong with the grotesque tree in her backyard. At night Linus sees it moving, changing, growing. When increasingly bizarre events plague the neighbo
rhood—massive claw marks appearing on doors and cars, pets going missing, sightings of a red-eyed creature—he suspects Maude and her tree are to blame.

With his home under threat, Linus teams up with his goofy best friend, Spencer, and no-nonsense new girl Abby to unearth whatever sinister seeds have been planted next door . . . where something truly monstrous is just taking root.

From the author of THE NIGHTMARE HOUSE ("A sophisticated choice for horror readers." —Booklist, starred review), Sarah Allen weaves the supernatural adventure of STRANGER THINGS with a poignant tale of grief, the healing power of art, and the uniting force of friendship in MONSTER TREE.

Rights Sold:

USA: Macmillan / FSG (NA)

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