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Yoram Yovell MINDSTORM Hebrew cover


Yoram Yovell

Nonfiction, 2001

120  weeks on the Israeli bestseller list

On the eve of her wedding, troubled by a dream and afraid of losing her desire for her husband, the daughter of a fighter pilot comes for therapy. A well-brought up girl spends her nights working as a stripper. She seeks therapy but finds it hard to reveal her soul. A heart surgeon might lose his career because he is haunted by nightmares arising from the Lebanon war. A successful executive, a woman who has everything, seeks a medicine that will help her become happy.

Through the stories of his patients, Yoram Yovell gives readers a unique view into the fascinating world of psychotherapy.

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World English, Toby Press; Germany, Goldmann Verlag; Czech Republic, Portal; Brazil, Record; Israel, Keshet Publishers


This book accomplishes the virtually impossible. It successfully combines tales of therapy, told with consummate literary skill, and case analyses based on contemporary scientific realities. In the process, it illuminates some of the most complex facets of psychology, psychiatry and the study of the brain. In other words, it builds a bridge between the scientific and the literary, between theories and the human being, and therein lies its greatness. The author’s literary talents are no less prodigious than those of Irvin D. Yalom.” – Ha’aretz     

“The stories flow as if on their own, the narrator is attentive to himself, the patient and the reader alike, and the gentle manner in which Yovel intertwines theoretic explanations and treatment methods – whether by short footnotes, which speak volumes, or by brief methodic interludes – are worthy of all praise.” – Gidi Rubinstein, Yediot Achronot

“[A] classic psycho-scientific, fiction-nonfiction, emotional-informative piece. Dr. Yoram Yovell supplies the interested reader with a well-arranged parcel of small and diverse samples of different mental disorders and illnesses… which include an empathic depiction of a true case, a scientific explanation on the phenomenon, and the thoughts of an experienced therapist. The book is innovative and exciting even on a fifth reading.” – Lital Kaplan, Mako

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