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Batya (Estate) Gur

Fiction, 1991

In investigating the deaths of a professor of literature and his junior colleague, Ohayon raises profound ethical questions about the relationship between the artist and his creation, and between the artist and a moral code. It brings him into contact with the academic elite and reveals the social problems and differing perspectives of Israel’s various classes.


Rights Sold:

France, Fayard; Germany, Goldmann; Greece, Periplous; Holland, Arena; Hungary, Magus Design; Israel (Russian) Gishrei Tarbut; Israel, Keter; Italy, Edizioni Nottetempo; Japan, East Press; Poland, EMG Publishing; Portugal, Relogio d’Agua; Spain, Siruela; USA, HarperCollins 


“A complex mystery set in an unusual, well-developed milieu with a full cast of characters. Literary Murder is literary multidimensional pleasure.” – Publishers Weekly

“This is a marvelous book, seductively engaging from beginning to end ... intellectual pursuit is portrayed with vigor and grace.” – New York Newsday

“Gur, a professor of literature in Jerusalem, knows academia well, and she uses it as a foil to illustrate the social and cultural tensions that permeate Israeli life. At the same time, she tells a fine detective yarn, keeping her cards well hidden until the end, deftly setting up the reader for twists, turns, and surprises”. – Booklist

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