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Nir Hezroni

Fiction, St. Martin's Press, 2018

The sequel to THREE ENVELOPES, the critically-acclaimed, groundbreaking Mossad thriller by Nir Hezroni.

THREE ENVELOPES was hailed as a "superior thriller debut" with a "high level of suspense" and "a heart-stopping conclusion" (Publishers Weekly, starred review), guaranteed to "absorb and alarm its readers in equal measure" (Shots Mag).

Now in LAST INSTRUCTIONS, author Nir Hezroni continues former Israeli secret service operative Agent 10483's story using the same unique, immersive narrative style.

Agent 10483, a psychopathic former Israeli spy, is busy trying to shut down the spy organization he once worked for and plotting his revenge against the key individuals who he deems responsible for the Organization’s betrayal against him. Now, he's traveling the world in a quest to find a hidden nuclear warhead to use against them.

Everyone wants to get their hands on Agent 10483 – the two teams from the Organization; twin assassins who are working in the service of Herr Schmidt, an intelligence organization unto himself who also wants the warhead; and Carmit, a sub-contractor for the Organization who performed transformations on him to manipulate his behavior during the course of his assassination missions abroad.

Offering a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the technology of high-level intelligence operations, Nir Hezroni's dark thriller is a chilling exploration of the mind of a master killer.

Rights Sold:

UK: ONEWORLD; USA: Thomas Dunne, St. Martin’s Press; Israel: Keter; Poland: Media Rodzina; Romania: Editura Art; Turkey: Garai Yayincilik

Film/TV rights: Tomorrow Studios (ITV)



"[LAST INSTRUCTIONS] contains echoes of Richard Condon's Korean War-era classic THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, as well as more contemporarily, the hit movie GET OUT... Agent 10483 is a true evil genius, who keeps readers wondering what's going to pop out of his head next." ―Washington Post

"Hezroni, who has a background in military intelligence, makes the larger-than-life plot feel plausible and again excels in portraying the conscienceless 10483, who’s capable of relishing a breakfast of croissants and jam while he burns an Organization member alive. Thriller fans will be enthralled as well as disturbed." ―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"LAST INSTRUCTIONS, like its predecessor, offers an arresting premise and plenty of darkness..." ―Booklist

"This well-researched, fast-paced, and pertinent thriller will keep readers' attention from start to finish. Readers of all sorts―whether spy fiction fans, thriller aficionados, or book junkies looking for a fantastic read―will enjoy." ―Library Journal

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