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Yoram Yovell IS IT LOVE German cover 1.j


Yoram Yovell

Nonfiction, 2004

Prof. Yoram Yovell tells the stories of eight patients who came to his clinic because of love, or its absence. The author undertakes to clarify to his readers what is normal and what is pathological in love and romance, and where the boundary lies between the special and the abnormal, between the permitted and the forbidden.

Rights Sold: 

World English, Toby Press (reverted); Germany, btb Verlag; Czech Republic, Portal; Israel, Keshet Publishers


“In this book you’ll find jargon-free case descriptions, with fascinating stories about people who came to one clinic: Yovel has blurred the patients’ identities and yet succeeded in creating fascinating three-dimensional characters… and each discussion is more fascinating than the one before. You’ll learn that the author, just like you, cannot define the essence of love, and he certainly does not purport to do so. But he is very much able, and succeeds in an awe-inspiring way, to cause you to think about it differently than how you did before you read the book.” – Ariana Melamed, YNET

“Following the publication of his new book they will add, next to his name, “expert in love”…” – Ha’aretz Magazine

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