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Avraham Burg

Nonfiction, 2015

In his memoir IN DAYS TO COME, one of the most eloquent and compelling figures in contemporary discourse about Israel takes the reader on a guided tour of his memories and dreams, his triumphs and failures. Avraham Burg tells the story of his generation, the children of the mythical “founders’ generation” who established the State of Israel. Born in 1955, Burg has witnessed first-hand and close-up many of the most dramatic and critical events in Israeli history. Burg describes his religious Zionist upbringing, his experiences as a paratrooper in the Israeli army, and his tenure in the Knesset, and he reflects on his relationship with American and European Jewry. With courage and candor, Burg lays bare the seismic intellectual shifts that drove his political and personal journeys, offering a prophecy of fury and consolation, and a vision for a comprehensive new paradigm for Israel and the Middle East.

Rights Sold:

Israel, Dvir; World English, Nation Books 


 “Burg’s political vision for the two peoples living in this land is critical at a time when Israel’s official policy is to preserve the sad status quo for as long as possible… Burg seeks to build a bridge toward an alternative Jewish identity. Given the current paralyzing Israeli reality, such alternatives are as vital as the air we breathe.” – Ya’ad Biran, Ha’aretz

“This is a fascinating book. It flows breathlessly with the same charisma and eloquence as Burg’s oratory. At times provocative, but always interesting and challenging… Burg’s voice is very important… for the kind of Judaism he tries to promote – a Judaism of humanity, tolerance, and human rights… In Days to Come is not just an interesting and well-written book, but also a significant contribution to the public agenda.” – Ariel Horowitz, Makor Rishon

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