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Tehila Hakimi 

Fiction, Achuzat Bayit, 2023

Haaretz Best Book of 2023

Longlisted for 2023 Sapir Prize

E-vrit Bestseller

An Israeli woman relocates alone to America on assignment from her tech company, determined to leave her past behind. When she joins some colleagues on a hunting trip, she becomes gripped by the sport. She develops a relationship with her colleague David, her hunting partner and guide. She fires again and again, refining her skills, drawn into a world of violence and dark attraction. Her relationship with David deepens as her job security and sense of self falter. As she takes on the role of hunter, her life choices start to haunt her. Hunting with David becomes the one stable aspect of her life until one day everything changes. 


In her reserved yet poetic style, Tehila Hakimi thrusts her readers into a world where the bonds between woman, man, work, and nature threaten to dissolve. The tangible atmosphere of suspense is the backdrop to an unraveling of the mind. Hakimi is one of the freshest and most prominent writers in Hebrew literature today.

Rights Sold:

France: Éditions Denoël; Romania: Editura Art; US: Penguin (world English)


“Tehila Hakimi’s protagonist relocates to America and becomes obsessed with hunting deer in the snow. This is an impressive and aesthetic book, precise as an arrow.” 

– Haaretz 


“A beautiful, disturbing and thought-provoking book.” – Yedioth Ahronoth 


“Like its protagonist, the book is dark, calculated, unyielding…Hakimi manages to distill a sense of violence in the workspace, alongside the violation of nature—both cruelties being the cause for disaster.” – La’Isha Magazine

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