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Daphna Joel & Luba Vikhanksi

Nonfiction, Forthcoming, Little, Brown Spark, 2019

Are brains male or female? Professor Daphna Joel argues they are neither. Her views on sex and the brain are the topic of a short-form book, The Brain Mosaic by Joel, a neuroscientist, and Luba Vikhanski, a science writer.
The book presents the paradigm-shifting idea of the brain mosaic on the background of the history of thought on brain and gender, from the 18th century until today. Dr. Joel presents the evidence leading to her simple yet elegant idea, that brains are made up of both female-typical and male-typical features, which combine in endless ways to create the unique brain mosaic of each of us. Dr. Joel presents her vision of a future where humans aren’t divided across gender lines, but have free access to the entirety of human potential. 


Rights Sold to:

UK: Octopus; USA: Little, Brown Spark; France: Albin Michel; Germany: DTV; Korea: Hanbit Biz; Poland: Foksal; Portugal: Temas e Debates; Russia: Exmo; Spain: Editorial Kairos

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