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Zeruya Shalev

Keter, 2022

Zeruya Shalev’s seventh novel describes a fateful encounter between two women and two historical moments. Following the death of her father, Atara attempts to retrace the footsteps of the wife of his youth, who fought beside him in the underground prior to the founding of the State of Israel. Their encounter upends her life and the life of her family, unleashing an uncontrollable cascade of dramatic events.

As the past is brought to light, it illuminates but also casts a pall on the present and the future, confronting each character with questions of fate, control, responsibility, faith, disappointment, and love.

Rights Sold:

Germany: Berlin Verlag; France: Gallimard; Holland: Meulenhoff; Poland: Foksal; Czech: Prah; Italy: Feltrinelli; Romania: Humanitas Fiction; US: Other Press


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