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David Grossman

Fiction, 2022

In EVERY WRINKLE HAS A STORY, a little boy who likes to draw visits with his grandfather and asks about his wrinkles. His grandfather replies with stories which become an illustrated journey through the grandfather's life, and a meditation on aging and multi-generational connection. Coupled with stunning illustrations by acclaimed Italian illustrator Ninamasina, Every Wrinkle Has a Story encourages young children to ask questions about wrinkles; it demystifies them and highlights both the difficult and wonderful things that they can represent.

Rights Sold:
Brazil: Companhia das Letras; Italy: Mondadori; Germany: Hanser; Holland: Uitgeverij Cossee; Korea: Samtoh; Israel: Am Oved; Romania: Signatura; Spain: Sexto Piso; UK: Andersen Press; USA: Groundwood Books

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