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David Grossman, translated by Jessica Cohen

Picture book, Groundwood Books, 2024

Every Tuesday, Yotam’s grandfather takes him to a coffee shop after kindergarten, where Grandpa Amnon drinks coffee and Yotam likes to draw. One day, Yotam has a question: “Grandpa, what’s on your face?” 

Grandpa Amnon explains that the lines on his face are wrinkles, and they are something that grownups get. He tells Yotam the stories of how he got each of his wrinkles. Some reasons for Grandpa’s wrinkles are sad, like when Grandma Dina was sick. But some reasons are happy, like the wrinkle Grandpa got when Yotam was born. Yotam looks closely at the circles and lines on Grandpa’s face, thinks hard … and then expresses what he’s just learned about the beauty of aging in his own special way.

EVERY WRINKLE HAS A STORY is a pro-aging story of curiosity, intergenerational storytelling and quiet contemplation through artwork.

Rights Sold:
Brazil: Companhia das Letras; Italy: Mondadori; Germany: Hanser; Holland: Uitgeverij Cossee; Korea: Samtoh; Israel: Am Oved; Romania: Signatura; Spain: Sexto Piso; UK: Andersen Press; USA: Groundwood Books (NA)

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