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David Grossman

Young Adult, 1982

A detective-style tale of love and honor, Duel is the story of a boy’s relationship with a 70-year-old friend who is challenged to a duel and decides he must accept.

Recipient of The Marsh Award 2001 (UK).


Rights Sold:

Brazil, Companhia das Letras; Czech Republic, Albatros; Denmark, Rosinante & Co.; Denmark, Rosinante (reverted) ; France, Editions du Seuil; Germany, Carlsen; Holland, Van Goor; Israel, Siman Kri’a/HaKibbutz HaMeuchad; Italy, Mondadori; Spain, Cruilla; Spain, Ediciones SM (Castillian); Russia, Text Publishers;  UK, Bloomsbury; USA, Bloomsbury


“A writer of passionate self-honesty, unafraid to ask terrible questions.” – Nadine Gordimer 

“Fast-paced and offbeat, this mystery will charm readers with its odd but appealing, memorable characters.” – Ed Sullivan, Booklist

“Entirely convincing... full of passion.” – The Guardian

“You’ll be duelling with yourself, if you try and put this book down.” – Times

“Entirely convincing . . . full of tension.” – Philip Pullman

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