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Meir Shalev

Fiction, 2022

Itamar Diskin, an extremely handsome and extremely short-sighted man, lives in the United States but makes yearly trips to Israel for eye exams and reunions with his brother. On one of these visits, during an alcohol-fueled evening, he tells his brother about a night he spent with a woman 20 years earlier, a woman who takes him home and whom he is never able to forget. A surprising story unfolds, both sad and entertaining, about love and longing, beauty and loneliness, passion and strife.


Rights Sold:

Germany: Diogenes
Option Publishers: France: Editions Gallimard; Holland: Ambo/ Anthos; Italy: Bompiani; Poland: Marginesy; Russia: Text Publishers; Slovakia: Slovart; USA: Pantheon/Schocken


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