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Ofir Touche Gafla DAY THE MUSIC DIED Heb


Ofir Touché Gafla


Inoville was only a fly-over town in Karmandin, a fly-over country in Western Europe, until 26 June 1984. That day, a boy arrived and wrote in the files of each resident the exact date of their passing. Since then Inoville has been known as “the town whose people know the day they die.” A few years after the boy’s visit, on her eighteenth birthday, Dora Mater opened her personal file, and since then her entire life, her plans, her loves, have been overturned by the startling news that she discovered.

In THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED, Ofir Touché Gafla’s inventive, witty and multi-layered novel, a young woman refuses to let death preoccupy her life, in a city where all the other inhabitants have let the knowledge of death overwhelm them. In Dora Mater’s unique voice, this is a touching, intimate and richly entertaining tale of self-discovery in a fictional world suffused by music. The book is accompanied by a website playlist that enables the reader to experience the story simultaneously through words and music. 


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Israel, Keter


“In The Day The Music Died, Touché creates a world filled with details, anecdotes and wondrous coincidences, as he has done so well in his previous works. The uniqueness of this original and prolific author comes especially from creating a literary region that is not beholden to any generic necessity and lightly shifts between fantasy, suspense, psychology, drama and comedy…Touché loves his readers as well as writing....with creativity, imagination and joie de vivre…  Though in his works Touché deals with death a lot, he is still one of the most optimistic authors you can read today, one who adds through his works to our enjoyment of life.” – Lilach Volach, Walla!

“Touche Gafla succeeds in creating an alternative reality with impressive volume, and mainly in putting together a compelling plot which fascinates the reader. Touche Gafla’s talent is at its peak when he weaves in the little details from which his alternative reality is compiled…[His] creativity does not suffer any deficits. Gafla’s passion for creating a good story with a complex plot and diverse characters is worthy of cheers.” – Masha Zur-Glozman, Ha’aretz

“A true writer. The author’s impressive imagination clears a path for the creation of an alternative reality, in light of which the perception of death in our reality is judged.” – Arik Glasner, Ma’ariv

 “Touche Gafla’s narrating skills turns an intellectual exercise into a fascinating and thought provoking novel, full of humor and  creativity.” – Shmu’el Hadas, E-Mago

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