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Meir Shalev vANILLA STRAWBERRY Hebrew co


Meir Shalev

Picture Books, 2013

Winner of the 2015 Book Publishers Association of Israel Platinum Prize (for sales of over 40,000 copies) 

One evening while Hadas is playing with her dolls, her grandfather comes over to visit. "Hello Hadas! I brought you a new book and an ice cream cone. You should eat the ice cream right away, and afterwards we can read the book together, because ice cream melts much faster than books do." But soon Hadas is called to dinner by her mother, and so she begs her grandfather to watch over the ice cream cone for her. Follow Hadas and her silly grandfather's antics in this timeless tale as the ice cream finds its way into all sorts of places it shouldn't and Hadas discovers that her grandfather isn't quite as good at watching things as he should be.

Rights Sold:

Published by: Israel, Am Oved

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