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George Lopez with Ryan Calejo

Viking Books, 2023

In this hilarious follow-up to ChupaCarter, world-famous entertainer George Lopez delivers a spooky tale of mystery, revenge, and friendship starring 12-year-old Jorge and Carter, the fearsome but friendly Chupacabra!

Inspired by his own childhood and packed with clever illustrations, George Lopez's sequel to ChupaCarter sees Jorge finally feeling at home in his new town, thanks to his awesome friends Liza and Ernie—and especially Carter, the chupacabra.

New kid Jorge is shocked to learn that his beastly friend Carter isn't the only legendary creature in Boca falls. Every few years, the town is terrorized by a haunted . . . piñata? Rumor has it that the petrifying party decoration floats around setting eerie fires to avenge a long-ago betrayal. Jorge can't help but laugh, until a rash of green fires forces the townspeople to consider moving away, including the parents of his pals Ernie and Liza!

With Carter at their side, the three friends are in a race against time to catch the real culprit before they're separated forever . . . or the whole town is set aflame. Which will come first?


“Seasoning the narrator’s account with Spanish words, including flavorful Chicano slang, Lopez and Calejo alternate chuckles and chills as the young detectives struggle with their fears... A fresh, lively escapade with lots of übercreepy bits. ¡Órale!"
—Kirkus Reviews

"Lopez and Calejo have created another exciting adventure for young readers that is sprinkled with Spanish words and phrases. The humor in the story is elevated by Gutiérrez's artwork. A great reminder that you can count on your friends to help save the day."

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