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Hila Blum

Fiction, Riverhead, 2023

A woman stands on a dark street and peeks through the windows of a home in a city in northern Holland. The two little girls she sees through inside are the grandchildren she has never met. At the center of this brilliant novel is a small family whose mistakes are made in the name of love; mistakes that accumulate to create an unforgettable psychological drama.

Rights Sold to:

Brazil: Intrinsica; Croatia: Fraktura; Czech: Albatross; Finland: Tammi; France: Laffont; Germany: Berlin Verlag; Greece: Dardanos; Holland: de Bezige Bij; Hungary: Athenaeum Kiedo Kft; Italy: Einaudi; Israel: Kinneret; Lithuania: Baltos Lankos; Poland: Czarne; Portugal: Quetzal; Romania: Pandora; Serbia: Kontrast; Slovakia: Artforum; Spain: Salamandra; Spain (Catalan): Ediciones 62; Sweden: Bazar; Turkey: Ayrinti; UK: Bloomsbury


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