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Gilad Goffer RABBIT  Hebrew cover 1.jpg


Gilad Soffer

Picture Books, 2014

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse get a new treatment in this charming picture book, populated with some of the same lovable characters that we met in Gilad Soffer’s first book: DUCK’S VACATION. Rabbit is having an identity crisis. He’s tired of being called by the wrong name. Convinced that he’s really a hare, he switches places with a country-hare, who is tired of being called a rabbit and can’t wait to see the big city. But of course, the desert isn’t always sandier on the other side and both Rabbit and Hare learn that there’s no place like home.

Rights Sold to:

Israel: Am Oved


“A rabbit is no hare but not too many people care. That’s what Rabbit finds in Gilad Soffer’s charming and clever book…Every page is more refreshing than the last, amusing, brilliant, and artistically illustrated…Rabbit deals with a universal issue which crosses ages, races and gender: who am I?” – Maya Levin, Ha’aretz

“It’s so much fun to realize that an author of an ingenious book (Duck’s Vacation) manages to produce another brilliant one, which makes not only children laugh, but their parents as well (and during its course teaches them something new).” – La’Isha

“After having so admired Duck’s Vacation, Gilad Soffer’s exquisite previous book, I opened his new picture book with great anticipation. And indeed – what a delightful book, a great joy!...A truly sweet present to anyone fond of funny illustrated books, regardless of age, and even more so for anyone dealing with issues of identity.” – Atara Ofek, Xnet

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