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Sofiya Pasternack

Middle Grade, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Versify, November 2020

The adventure continues in this exciting sequel to Anya and the Dragon in which a dangerous monster lurks beneath the city and only Anya can keep him from taking her friends’ magic—and their lives. Perfect for fans of The Girl Who Drank the Moon.

It’s been a year since a violent Viking terrorized the small village of Zmeyreka and Anya and her foolish friend Ivan saved a friendly dragon from being sacrificed for his magic.

But things still aren’t safe in the kingdom of Kievan Rus’. 

After embarking on a journey to bring her papa home from war, Anya discovers a powerful forest creature terrorizing travelers. But she soon learns that he’s not the monster the kingdom should fear. There’s an even greater evil that lurks under the city. 
Can Anya stop the monster, save her papa, and find her way home? Or will the secrets of Kiev leave Anya and her friends trapped beneath the city forever?


Rights Sold:

North America: HMH/Versify


"Anya’s quest to save her father turns into an adventure that is both heartbreaking and enlightening, in this sequel to Anya and the Dragon....  A real strength is the continued growth and development of the three main characters: Anya’s PTSD and slowly growing confidence, Håkon’s struggles with his new body and need for companionship, and Ivan’s freely given heart.... A fine, maybe even better, follow-up to the original. ­Recommended for juvenile fantasy collections." —School Library Journal

"Once again, Pasternack pens a lively tale woven with magic and the Jewish faith, wherein friendships are tested both by circumstance and new romantic feelings, and threats are effectively neutralized through communication and compassion." —​Booklist

"The characters are delightful and fully fleshed out, with believable hopes and fears. A welcome Jewish protagonist for a draconic fantasy." —Kirkus

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