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Yael Hedaya ACCIDENTS cover 1.jpg


Yael Hedaya

Fiction, 2001

This love story is set in Tel Aviv in the 1990’s. It is an urban novel, crowded and claustrophobic, like the protagonists’ inner worlds, a story about couples and single-parent families, about adolescence and old age, about coming to terms with parents and leaving them, about passion, death, happiness and the yearning for a child. ACCIDENTS deals unsparingly with the minute details of life’s biggest issues.


Rights Sold:

Holland: Meulenhoff (reverted); Israel: Am Oved; Switzerland: Diogenes; USA: Metropolitan Books


“When you read a book like Yael Hedaya's Accidents--a fine-grained, tragicomic, and always gripping portrait of adult love in the making--you wonder why so few such books are produced, and why they are not more fanfared. . . . This book is, in every sense, the real deal.” –The Atlantic

“Hedaya has an unerring sense of the fear involved in attempting intimacy, and her book contains one of the best descriptions of bad sex with the wrong person (in an attempt to avoid the right person) ever.” – Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Readers will appreciate the depiction of the interior lives of writers as well as the skill portrayal of delicate family dynamics… this work is highly recommended.” –  Library Journal

“…cool, romantic, neurotic --- just wonderful.” – Coopzeitung

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