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Shimrit Elkanati

Picture Books, Fantagraphics, 2019

A TALE OF TWO CATS by Ayin Hillel

Illustrated by Shimrit Elkanati

In this comics children’s book, two catty kitties overcome their differences.

Once upon a time, there were two cats: one black, one white, who were always squabbling over which one was prettier. One day, their curiosity gets the better of them and they jump into buckets of paint to change color. After some playful chaos, they soon learn their lesson and rekindle their friendship. Writer Ayin Hillel’s bouncy rhymes and artist Shimrit Elkanati’s charming drawings combine into a work of comics in a children’s book format. 

Rights Sold:

World English: Fantagraphics


“Elkanati’s delicate line drawings create a festive backdrop for this amusing, fable-like tale of a disagreement between two vain cats.”-- Publishers Weekly

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