Angela Himsel

Nonfiction, Forthcoming, Fig Tree Books, 2018

How does a woman who grew up the seventh of eleven children in rural Indiana as a fundamentalist Christian end up a practicing Jew in New York? Strict adherence to her church’s tenets – foregoing make-up, the Magic 8 Ball, and other demonic influences - was Angela Himsel’s only way to escape being left behind and live forever in God’s Kingdom. At nineteen, in search of salvation, Angela decided to study at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. But instead of strengthening her faith, Israel introduced her to a thrilling but challenging new world,  She started to consider the possibility that maybe Jesus hadn't been the Messiah. Maybe she was wrong. Those three words, "Maybe I'm wrong," tortured and excited her and set her on a completely different path. 

A story of love and loss, of faith, family and friendship, A River Becomes a Tree describes, with warmth and humor, and a multitude of religious and philosophical insights, Angela’s seemingly impossible commute from childhood cult to a committed Jewish life.





Fig Tree Books: USA