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Amir Gutfreund

Fiction, 2013

Left by the women he loved, cast away by his co-workers at the high-tech company he himself built, Amir Gutfreund's nameless hero has been in therapy for two years, struggling to keep secrets from his psychologist. But the disappearance of girl named Lir Ohayon brings him back to life. He joins the search for her, not realizing how the story of a girl who left her home wearing a red hat is about to twist and complicate his own. With an ample, richly imagined and nuanced plot, A MERCENARY AND WINTER BUDS is the tale of a strange, funny and sad man, living in the strange, funny and sad state of Israel.

Rights Sold:

France, Gallimard; Israel, Kinneret-Zmora-Bitan


“Gutfreund has created a person whose entirety is longing, and whose life's void is composed of wonderful stories of a deceased love. He has reached his creative peak… a master whose every depiction touches perfection.” – Ran Bin-Nun, Yediot Acharonot

“Amir Gutfreund is a very gifted author, with a wonderful ability to be precise in the depiction of human situations.” – Simona Bat, Ynet

“Amir Gutfreund is probably my favorite writer of our generation. I can't remember when I last read such a loving depiction of a girl ….One of a few writers who even when writing out of pain, exudes humor.” – Jackie Levi, Galei Tzahal

 “Gutfreund proves once again his strength as a storyteller who, even when creating a discomforting world and protagonist …does so in compelling and convincing way. The book's character may be odd and unusual, but he is very real and there is something near and familiar about him.” – Orit Har'el, Mot'ke

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