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Susan Mann

Fiction, Kensington, 2017

Shelve under: Travel, Romance, Art Theft, Hostages.

Librarian and CIA agent-in-training Quinn Ellington and her handsome spy boyfriend James “Bond” Anderson find themselves in the middle of an international incident when the Indian ambassador is kidnapped from a Library of Congress event. The key to saving the ambassador is tangled up with a long-lost sacred library, a desecrated temple, and some very modern machinations. At least their cover as blissful newlyweds isn’t too hard to pull off . . .


Rights Sold:

Holland, Lannoo; World English, Knopf/Schocken


“Mann’s latest spy caper is filled with danger, suspense, and a healthy helping of humor. Exquisite details of Indian life and culture are woven into the story, giving the reader a true sense of place. Libraries will definitely want both books in Mann’s Librarian/Spy Escapade series, with a third to come.” – Starred Booklist Review

“Mann, a librarian herself, has created a heroine any bookish reader will value, and most will finish the story hoping Quinn and James' long-distance relationship has a future, if only because it’s nice to think 007 would have wanted a librarian of his own. A

contemporary romance in which suspense drives the plot rather than passion.” -- Kirkus


“Do not miss out on this fun-filled ride.”
RT Book Reviews on The Librarian and the Spy



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