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Tom Segev

Nonfiction, 2005

Tom Segev illuminates pivotal years in Israeli history, first 1949 and now 1967. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict did not begin in 1967, but as Segev shows, that year changed the course of history. In six days Israel defeated the combined forces of Egypt, Jordan and Syria and occupied territories populated by over a million Palestinian Arabs. The liberation of the Western Wall and other holy sites was regarded as miraculous, and Israel was swept up in national religious fervor. 1967 is not a military history but a social and historical account of a year that forever altered the everyday lives of millions of individuals, Israelis and Palestinians alike.



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USA, Metropolitan Books; UK, Little Brown; France, Denoel; Germany, Siedler Verlag; Romania, HaSefer; Israel, Keter

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”Tom Segev’s 1967 offers a brilliant description of the Six Day War in its widest context: the international scene, the Middle Eastern confrontations, the political and social situation of Israel, as well as fascinating snippets of everyday life. The crucial role of individual actors is deftly woven into the general picture, and the description of military events is enthralling. This is probably the best book on those most fateful days in the history of Israel and the Middle East.” – Saul Friedlander, author of The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and The Jews, 1939-1945

“Segev’s look into the origins of the occupation is invaluable. His research is prodigious, his intelligence obvious, his ability to reconstruct complex chains of events impressive. He writes clearly and confidently and has an eye for the telling, and often witty, detail.” – Ethan Bronner, The New York Times Book Review

”Tom Segev documents this historic tragedy brilliantly and authoritatively, as no one has before. Combining keen political awareness and understanding of human foibles, and weaving together political, social and cultural history, he paints a vibrant picture of Israel in 1967… the work of a serious historian basing himself on sources in Israel and the United States never published before…The character of the future occupation government, which exists to this day, leaps out at us from the government documents quoted in this important book.” – Amos Elon in Ha’aretz

“The very densely written account by Tom Segev is the most comprehensive one to date. He reconstructs with great talent the intrigues which underplayed the decision-making powers of the Israeli state during these decisive days.” – Le Monde

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