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Fiction, 2012

UNDUE INFLUENCE is an epistolary novel born out of a literary correspondence between acclaimed author Ronit Matalon and essayist and literary scholar, Ariel Hirschfeld. The fictional plot of the novel was not set in advance and each author had to continue the story from the point where the other left off.

UNDUE INFLUENCE is an exceptional novel not only in the way it was created but also because it is a deep and bold literary attempt to capture love as it forms.

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Israel, Keter & Am Oved


Matalon and Hirschfeld have succeeded in a nearly impossible task: writing an absorbing, witty and complex epistolary novel in the Internet era…The letters depict the process by which lovers project their dreams upon one another and at the same time try to fulfill their counterpart’s dreams…Matalon and Hirschfeld have given birth to a rich and remarkable epistolary novel.” – Avraham Balaban, Ha’aretz

This is a game woven into a novel, and beyond the drama and plot -- it is also really funny…The literary dialogue manifests itself in whimsical power games as well. Time and again, Matalon, as Lori, pulls the rug out from under Hirschfeld/Nethaniel’s feet…” – Maya Sela, Ha’aretz

“Whither though goest, I will go…This is a book written as if the two lovers have no additional reader. Therein lies its strength and its beauty. It is a book of its authors – ‘we are not supporting characters in this plot’ – and also of its readers.” –  Yair Garbuz, Yediot Achronot

“It’s difficult to break free from the novel’s enticing influence. Its greatness is in capturing the black box of falling in love, and the place of the text in it. The novel flows until the hour one has to, regrettably, put it down.”  – Riki Cohen, Saloona